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Have you heard of Coral Springs? You can find it in the far north east, right between 68 Street and the new Stoney Trail east freeway, north of McKnight Boulevard and south of 64 Ave. See the number 103 on the map?

Coral Springs Map

This has been the wealthiest and lowest-crime area of Northeast Calgary. A little over 6000 live in this neighbourhood which was built in the 90's.

What makes it so attractive, sought after and prestigious? To begin with, the lake. Many of the beautiful bungalows on these quiet streets have lake use privileges included with them. The activities available here include boating, swimming (with a beach house), fishing and skating. The Don Hartman Northeast Sportsplex provides great recreational opportunities and houses the community association as well. Some properties here lie inside gated communities for extra comfort and security.

A Bit More to Offer

Coral Springs

This fantastic location offers everything a growing family needs and more. Schools include Chief Justice Milvain School for kindergarten to grade 4, Annie Gale School for 5-9 and James Fowler High School afterward. The Calgary Catholic School District offers Msgr. A. J. Hetherington and Sir Wilfrid Schools for K-6, Blessed John XXIII and St. Martha for K-9 then Bishop McNally High School.

Is this a convenient location? That depends on what you do. Although a bit of a long drive to downtown, this neighbourhood has plenty of shopping, schools, bus stops, playgrounds and recreational facilities right here. Commuters enjoy easy access to the ring road public transportation, hospital and the airport.

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