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Find more Calgary leisure and fun.

See if your lifestyle public relations or other interests appear on this list of references. Variety is the spice of life. For one thing, pets add to that spice and if you would like to add a cat or dog to your household, check out the Calgary SPCA.

Lifestyle Public Relations

This awesome photo is from the Travel Alberta website. It will take you there to learn more about Calgary.

Most of these things are located within Calgary, Alberta. Others give you access to the rest of the world.

Here's the first random example. Want to get out for some fun tonight? Crawl on down to Calgary's Tequila Nightclub and have a good one. See what the other local hangouts are doing by picking up a free copy of the FFWD magazine. You can also check the Artist Music Rock page on this website.

Check out a movie. There are lots in town. See this short article about Calgary Movie Showtimes. Here are some...

more ideas:

The annual events around Calgary are always a good thing to check out. When is this year's Fringe Festival, for example. You can even volunteer for the festival if you would like.

How about an easier lifestyle - try relaxation at home, with this relaxation website. Maybe even try with a good bottle of vintage wine.

And if you prefer adventure...

Ski Vacation Advisor Everything you need to plan your ski vacation.

Some handy information for you if you're gay and new to town or visiting.

Does your lifestyle public relations include physical fitness? Find out where the city's swimming pools are. Or check out some of the local hockey arenas. These are just a few of the lifestyle options available in Calgary. Try the Site Map link above for a more detailed list. Go back from Lifestyle Public Relations to the Calgary City Maps Homepage.

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