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Gay Bar Calgary? I kid you not.

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Ancient Homosexuality

If you are looking for a gay bar Calgary won't let you down. Yeah, right here in redneck country?  This may surprise you.  Although the choice, admittedly, isn't huge when compared to some other cities, there are some clubs that cater to the gay population.

Twisted Element is thought to be one of the better places, in particular if you like dancing.

The club is located on 1006 - 11th Avenue SW, Calgary AB. Along with a fantastically large dance floor, they offer the added bonus of free parking for customers.

That may not seem like much but if you're planning on going out for a long evening it can be a substantial saving.

If you're looking for a club that offers more than just dance music Calgary has different options available.

Looking for somewhere where you can shoot a few games of pool and broaden your social network? Maybe you should try The Rek Room on 213A - 10 Avenue SW, Calgary. Open daily from 4pm, it offers a relaxed atmosphere which is ideal for meeting new people.

Here is one on the east part of Downtown. It's called the Eagle... http://www.calgaryeagle.com/events.html

Coffee in your gay bar Calgary?

Just want to stop for a cup of coffee at a friendly place? Why not try Timothy's Coffee on 1610 - 10th Street SW, on the Calgary map. Not only catering to both the lesbian and gay bar community, this cafe is very popular and offers a wide range of both speciality coffees as well as other non-alcoholic drinks.

By the way, for those of you new to the area or just passing through and looking for something a bit more, you should be aware of this new Calgarian law. In particular that relating to prostitution, whether it be for gay sex or otherwise.

For the latest information check out one of the gay websites such as gaywestways.com and click "Around Gay Calgary" for details.

Gay Bar Calgary

All in all, Calgary caters for many of the needs of the different communities. I've only mentioned a few of the most popular ones here.

But I'm sure whatever you're looking for, be it a heterosexual wine bar or a lesbian or gay bar surely has something for your needs.

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