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Here is the CCM Privacy Policy


For your protection, we have created the CCM Privacy Policy. What information do we get from you using this website? How is it safeguarded? You have a right to know.

Your privacy matters. That's why it is worth protecting while using the site.

Your Personal Data

If you want us to have some of your information, we provide places where we accept it. (example) But we won't take it otherwise. You will have opportunities to volunteer your name, address(es), company name and phone number(s).

You will likely submit this information when entering a contest, signing up for a newsletter and submitting feedback. Often the data is reviewed, it may be used to refine the website or to contact you when needed.

This information will be stored in private files; it will not be shared or provided to any third party.

Cookies & Beacons

A Cookie, sent to your browser, helps recognize you and your computer and record data about your preferences. You can instruct your browser to reject the cookies from this or any (or all) other site(s). You can also delete cookies at will; use your privacy setting on your browser. On this site, they will only improve your experience, as a cookie enables the site to recall your specific information on later visits, and deleting them will only cost you a little time.

A Web Beacon is an image file that tracks your visit through the site(s) you visit. These "Web Bugs" monitor traffic on behalf of third parties and work in conjunction with cookies to understand visitors.

We have third-party advertisements that use these technologies. They count impressions (number of times you've seen an ad), but do not use or send personally identifiable information to anyone outside of this website. You can inhibit cookies and beacons with no problems.

3rd party advertising companies such as Google also use cookies (WITHOUT your name, address, email or telephone) to serve ads on this website. The DART cookie helps them show you ads based on your internet visits, ads about things you might be more interested in, but you don't have to take part in this. Visit the Google ad and content network privacy policy. How? Go to the opt-out portion on this webpage: https://www.google.com/privacy_ads.html

For the younger folk...

This website is viewable by all ages and is operated in compliance with the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act. While we cannot control who submits data, we do not actively look for any information from those under the age of 13.

The rest of the CCM Privacy Policy

The search box on this web site ("Search Box") is powered by Google Inc ("Google"). You acknowledge and agree that Google's privacy policy (located at https://www.google.co.uk/privacy.html) shall apply to your use of the Search Box and by using the Search Box you consent to Google using your personal data in accordance with its privacy policy.

If non-personally-identifiable data is collected, it gets used to look at trends and administer the site by monitoring users' movements about the website and collect demographic data about site users as a group. This information and any derivative data is not shared with others for any purpose either.

If any of the websites in this conglomeration are sold, collected data may have to be included in the transfer. If so, you will receive notice through the site and reasonable efforts to make sure that the purchaser honors any opt-out information you have sent us will be made.

Need to change the information we keep on hand? Please ask us through one of the various submission forms.

See also the about us page.

There may be changes to this policy as time progresses. Any changes to the policy will be posted on the website, quite likely on this page.

  1. Collection of data: This website uses Google Analytics, a web analytics service provided by Google, to collect information about website visitors. Data may be collected, such as IP addresses, device information, browsing behavior, and demographics.
  2. Purpose of data collection: Data collected through Google Analytics is used to analyze website traffic, monitor user behavior, and improve the overall user experience. And it is anonymized and used in an aggregated form to protect individual privacy.
  3. Use of cookies: Google Analytics uses cookies, which are small text files stored on users' devices, to gather data. They track website interactions, and users can manage or disable cookies through their browser settings.
  4. Data sharing: Collected data may be shared with third parties, including Google. Google may have access to the collected data as a service provider, subject to their own privacy policies. Appropriate measures to protect their information have been implemented.
  5. User choices and control: You have rights and choices regarding the collection and use of your data and you can opt-out of Google Analytics data collection using available browser plugins or settings. You can also adjust your personalized advertising settings through Google Ads Settings.
  6. Data security: Reasonable security measures to protect the collected data from unauthorized access, disclosure, or misuse have been implemented. 
  7. Updates to the privacy policy: This privacy policy may be updated from time to time to reflect changes in data practices associated with the website or legal requirements. Review the policy periodically for any updates.

Agreeing to Terms

If you do not agree to The CCM Privacy Policy as posted here on any of the websites, please do not use this site or any of the services we offer. Your use of this site indicates acceptance of this privacy policy.

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What is a GDPR?

This law gives individuals more control over their personal data and imposes obligations on companies that collect, process, and store it. The GDPR request is when an individual exercises their rights under the GDPR by making a specific request to an organization. Individuals can make several types of GDPR requests:

- Individuals have the right to know if their personal data is being processed and, if so, to access it. A copy of their personal data is typically requested in this request.

- An individual has the right to request rectification of inaccurate or incomplete personal data held by an organization. They can ask the organization to fix inaccurate or outdated data.

- Individuals have the right to request the deletion of their personal data in certain circumstances, such as when the data is no longer necessary for the purposes for which it was collected or when they withdraw their consent.

- Individuals have the right to restrict the processing of their personal data under certain conditions. It means the organization can keep the data, but it can't process it further except with the individual's consent or for legal reasons.

- Individuals have the right to receive their personal data in a structured, commonly used, and machine-readable format and to transfer it to another organization. Individuals can easily transfer their data between services.

- Individuals can object to the processing of their personal data, including profiling, based on legitimate interests or direct marketing. If the organization doesn't have compelling legitimate grounds to process the data, they have to stop.

To make a GDPR request, individuals need to contact the organization that holds their personal data and describe what they want. To make a GDPR request, individuals need to contact the organization that holds their personal data and describe what they want. GDPR requests may vary slightly among EU member states, and organizations may have their own processes for handling them.

See the GDPR review for Calgary City Maps, GDPR reviews are usually done by organizations themselves or by outside consultants or lawyers who specialize in data protection. A GDPR assessment is to see if the organization adheres to the GDPR's principles, identify any gaps or areas for improvement, and make sure people's privacy rights are protected.

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