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Calgary Tourism

The Calgary tourism trade has grown rapidly over the past few years, and it looks to show no signs of stopping in the near future. Being both a safe and clean city as well as being right on the doorstep of the rocky mountains, Calgary offers the visitor, and the Calgarian come to think of it, something unique.

A combination of the best of urban and outdoor life.

If you are planning to travel Alberta, then whatever the season you should stop at least a few nights to enjoy Calgary tourism.

It goes without saying, too, that if your visit is planned around the beginning of July, then you should definitely participate in Calgary Stampede week.

What, never heard about the Calgary Stampede? All I can say is pack your western gear, check out the Calgary stampede parade route and join in the fun at one or more of the locations around the city.

It's a popular event, both with Calgarians and tourists alike. And if you are planning to visit next year, then be forewarned that Calgary Stampede tickets for the shows and rodeos go on sale the previous september, about 10 months ahead of time.

I can't really describe what the stampede is like apart from a lot of fun. Get hot. Get wet. It's generally considered the pinnacle of tourism in Calgary.

For just a taste of the action, visit cs.calgarystampede.com and you should see what I mean. It really is a week of non-stop action, fun and parties that centres around rodeo events, agricultural and trade shows, midway rides and games, casino action and the big parade.

Ok, so the Stampede is not for everyone...

Other Things in Calgary Tourism

If after checking out the website you're still not convinced that a visit during the stampede week is the sort of holiday you want, then Calgary tourism has lots of other things to offer you. There are local breweries that you can tour, such as Big Rock Brewery Ltd on 555 76th Ave SE Calgary T2C 4L8.

You might want to hit one of the other annual events, or check out local clubs and bands. For the more academic type, Calgary offers many historic sites around the area.

Here's one. Although located slightly outside of the city map, one of the best is Bar U Ranch National Historic Site located on Hwy 22, 8 miles south of Longview, Longview, AB.

What else? Calaway Park, Heritage Park, the Zoo, the arts and entertainment scene and shopping galore.

Calgary Tower

Naturally there are Calgarian landmarks to see such as the Calgary Tower on 101 9th Ave SW, as well as the Eau Claire Festival Market at 200 Barclay Parade SW, to name just two of the most popular all year round sights. Hockey fans, especially those who support the Calgary Flames or Hitmen, will no doubt want to visit Saddledome at 555 Saddledome Rise S.E. Calgary AB T2G 2W1.

To mention everything that you could do in Calgary would take quite some time. Let me just say that the list is more than sufficient with such a diverse range of activities that after you've been to Calgary once, you won't be able to wait to go back again to experience all the things you couldn't squeeze into your schedule the first time!

Calgary Bow River

So it's no wonder that Calgary tourism is booming. If one city has so much to offer, why would you want to go anywhere else? Indeed, after your visit, you may even be asking yourself why you would want to live anywhere besides Calgary.

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