Not yet famous Albertans, but who knows?

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Ralph Klein - Alberta Premier from 1992 - 2006

Most famous Albertans are already well known. Well! There are some of us who are not. But maybe soon.

About myself

Barry Lough, CCEP: I have played in a variety of bands prior to this one. Trumpet in jazz and orchestral arrangements but mostly keyboards and vocals in rock and country bands around Alberta and Saskatchewan.

It's been great fun all around, and this Calgary steal drum band with Ann Jamieson is another chapter in the great book.

I am an environmental scientist by profession, with a background in physics and meteorology. Spending a good deal of time pouring over weather maps.

This past includes experience with the Canadian national weather service, officially known as the Meteorological Services of Canada. However some may remember the moniker, Atmospheric Environment Services.

My background also consists of extensive consulting experience with companies such as Jacques Whitford Environmental Limited and SEACOR Environmental Ltd., of Canada. And now Calvin Consulting Group Ltd. See What does a Meteorologist do? on the new Stuff in the Air page too.

Not too many famous Albertans in this industry.

At one point, I was Senior Meteorologist with Duke Energy in their Canadian operations. Hey, but aside from all that formality I am a GREAT GUY and enthusiastic musician.

Famous Albertans

Come see us and have some fun. Maybe at some Calgary flames parties or stampede events.

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About Us

I am married to the greatest of all women, Heather Lough with two lovely young daughters: Desiree Lough - 11 and Nakita Lough - 6 (as of the end of 2008).

This is my second website, the first one is about air - weather, atmospheric conditions and meteorology, and you can see it at and some photos on its about us page.

I give a more detailed account of my web building experience and some advice if you ever wanted to try it on this page. Go back from Famous Albertans to the Calgary City Maps homepage.

Search this site for more information now:

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