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Alberta White Pages

If you're like me then at some point or another in time, probably just two minutes before you read this article, you would have needed to find a telephone number in a hurry. And we all now how frustrating that can be.

Sometimes even to the point of screaming-at-the-top-of-your-lungs frustrating.

That's where the this service comes into your life. And presto! All your telephone needs are met. Well, not exactly, but almost.

With the advent of the new technological era not only is your copy of the Alberta white pages to be found in your home, but also in the very convenient world wide web. If you type http://www.mytelus.com/phonebook into the address bar of your web browser, you will then be taken to the "My Telus Phonebook" page.

With only a few taps of the keyboard, and a few clicks of the mouse you should be able to get the information needed at your fingertips.

Here is an example of a pure internet category listing.

With Telus, Alberta has managed to integrate the best of both worlds to suit the consumer.

No more hassle and delay while you try to get your information from busy telephone operators. Now, at almost the touch of a button you can find your information fast and easy. No more pulling your hair out!

Besides the Alberta White Pages directory...

Telus also has a variety of services available to you, from dial-up to high speed ADSL, to personal call management services, and all priced at affordable and reasonable rates. You can even manage it so your Telus bill comes as an e-bill.

That's right, no more reams and reams of paper to clutter up your desk, and destroy rain forests!

Having said that, there's something comforting to be had in actually holding your phonebook in your hand - and no, I don't mean your laptop - and actually flipping through the pages.

Although I have found that phone number searches tend to be easier with your online white pages, rather than with your manual white pages. The one with the maps and other good stuff at the front.

But no need to worry. Even if you become a complete techno-geek and give up anything and everything to do with paper, and rain forests, then your copy of the white pages will not go into disuse.

You can always use it as a rather effective coaster for all those cups of coffee you're sure to be guzzling down to keep your eyes open! The angst of trying to find a particular phone number that you really needed two hours ago, is now, all but gone.

With the versatility and diversity to be found in the Alberta white pages, and your online white pages, Telus, our days of frantic rushing around are finally at an end.

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