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Calgary Club Night Tequila

Ever experience Calgary club night tequila rounds? If you live in the Calgary area and adore tequila, then it's reasonably safe to say you have. After all, tequila nights are one of the best reasons to go night-clubbing in Calgary. Not only is there all that tequila, but you'll also get the authentic cowboy atmosphere to go along with it in many cases.

However if you're more interested in the actual Calgary club night Tequila, a local Nightclub, than the usual rounds, you can't go far wrong with that either. The Tequila Nightclub is one of Calgary's more famous clubs, and bears some looking into. Although it is now a few years old, the Tequila Nightclub still has a high standard and is worth visiting on a night out.

If you're a native of Calgary then you'll probably have heard all about it, and if you're there only for the week, or even a weekend, you may find yourself completely taken with this joint.

Fairly simple to find. Just ask any Calgary taxi driver, or friendly Calgarian. Or look at the map below. The Tequila Nightclub can be found at, 219 - 17th Avenue SW, Calgary AB T2S 0A4.

Tequila NightClub Map

Be warned though, all you pleasure seekers, the Tequila nightclub is only open from 8pm to 2am, four days a week. That's Tuesday, and from Thursday to Saturday - apart from Calgary Stampede week when anything goes.

Maybe you Tequila...
Maybe you Don't

If, however, the loud ear-drum-popping scene of the Calgary club night tequila parties isn't your thing, then Calgary nightlife still has plenty to offer for the discerning individual interested in food, and perhaps a live band.

If you're more into the bar & grill thing, then Calgary can take you to Australia with the Aussie Rules Foodhouse + Bar or something more traditional like the Barley Mill Eatery & Pub downtown.

A Unique Twist from this old Calgary Club Night Tequila

Whatever your tastes, Calgary nightlife will have something to offer you, even if it doesn't have anything to do with tequila. And if it doesn't then you probably haven't tried out the ballroom dancing Calgary has to offer.

Not only will you get traditional ballroom, but Calgary will give you what most other places can't, ballroom and country dancing. Yes, you heard right. Ballroom dancing with a twist of country thrown in!

So, whether you're looking for the Tequila nightclub, or looking to enjoy as many Calgary tequila night club rounds as you can polish off in an all too short amount of time. Or if you're looking for something quieter or something unusual, then Calgary's the place you'll want to be.

I can guarantee you'll not find another city anywhere else like Calgary! We offer only the best.

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