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Where is Whitehorn? Up in the northeast, near the airport. You will find it north of 32 Avenue, south of McKnight Blvd, East of 36th Street and west of 52 Street.

Whitehorn Location

Look at the number 143 on the map above. This community lies immediately east of the White horn LRT station, and is served by convenient roads that take you to the 16th Ave, Deerfoot and Stoney Trail freeways.

Here you'll also find the Whitehorn Community Association, where community needs are met, like scouts and womens' associations, and recreational activities including tennis courts, dancing, sports and crafts.

Nearly 12,000 people live out here.

You can be one of them.

About the Area

Whitehorn C-Train Station

Like the other communities that make up "The Properties", this one was built in the 1970's. Three schools are right in the community, as is the leisure centre, childcare, playgrounds and shopping. Speaking of shopping - two malls, Marlborough and Sunridge, are not too far away. The Peter Lougheed Hospital is just across 36th Street. A close proximity to anemities like these makes a place quite desirable.

This established part of Calgary has interconnected green areas with stately mature trees, quiet streets and a great view of downtown and the Rocky Mountains. The whole neighbourhood is quite convenient for residents and visitors alike.

What schools are there? The little ones, kindergarten to grade 6, can go to Colonel J Fred Scott School or Chief Justice Milvain School, then Annie Gale Junior High School and then Lester B. Pearson High School. Catholic kids can choose from St Wilfrid School up to grade 6, Father Mollen or St Martha schools for kindergarten to grade 9 and then Bishop McNally High School.

On the whole, White horn provides exceptional real estate value. Go back from Whitehorn to the Calgary Real Estate webpage or visit the Calgary City Maps homepage.

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