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3WestTv - Canada

by Robert

3WestTV on Live365 logo

3WestTV on Live365 logo

3WestTv is an online media network dedicated to independent artists (under 17A). To better support local independent artists 3WestTv is moving out of the basement and into local venues.

Our mission is simple to give independent artists a place to be seen, heard and appreciated.

How Does This Support Independent Artists?

See it – How better to promote independent artists if we can be seen!

Hear it – Hear who we have, who is on stage, live and in person!

Touch It - We are not in the basement, a distant voice heard through the speakers, we are real, see who we are and what we are about.

Feel It – Get your own feel and take on 3WestTv, at your own pace, get out, off the internet, interact, support and appreciate what local artists have to offer.

It’s not about us, it’s all about the indie artists on stage, in rotation and available for on-demand video; we are not in the basement anymore, and are never going back.

We are proud to be in the process of SOCAN licensing for our stations and live broadcasts, and as always looking for ways to help protect the rights of independent artists online. With that in mind, we thank the great Calgary venues, the Blind Beggar Pub, Lynnwood Station and What About Bob’s, for allowing us to broadcast live from their venues.

In particular, thanks to Pat & Doug from The Blind Beggar Pub for allowing the broadcasts of the great performers on their stage, as well as the artists and the continuing work with them to help support indie music in Calgary.

We also have to thank Robbie from Silvernote Entertainment for help with the broadcasts @ Lynnwood Station and What About Bob’s.

About us

3WestTv (1444395 Alberta Inc.) is a Calgary based online multi-cultural, multi lingual, media network with four online radio stations and one on-demand video player. Playing everything from Gospel to Thrash with request, dedication and rating features in four 24/7 continuous audio streams and one on-demand video player.

There are other Calgary Online broadcasters playing independent artists work, 3WestTv operates on a Keep It Simple principle; our broadcasts are interactive, programmed by the people listening, requesting and dedicating.

Currently 3WestTv has over 8,000 artists from around the world in rotation on our stations from...
Australia to Kiev, Tokyo to San Paulo, New Zealand to Great Britain, Canada, United States, Netherlands, Sweden, Iceland, Russia. And we feature programming in English, In French, In Spanish, In Arabic with French Language backup, In languages other than English.

We have a policy of never turning away any artist’s content unless it violates our broadcast content guidelines (available for viewing at www.3westtv.com/submitcontent.htm)

Artists can also submit 15-second-or-so promo’s, banner and cover image to be put into rotation on all 3WestTv Audio Stations. They don’t even have to put content into rotation on the 3WestTv media network.

Currently we have five live broadcasts from three Calgary Venues; The Blind Beggar Pub, What About Bob’s and Lynnwood Station.

The Blind Beggar Pub – Calgary’s Live Music Pub – on 3WestTv - Canada
• Our Premier broadcast location and anchor with indie artists.
• Broadcasting and Interviewing the performers from the Singer/Songwriter Wednesdays from 7 to 11pm
• Broadcasting and interviewing the performers from Indie Invasion Saturdays from 9pm to 1:30 am

Lynnwood Station – Ogden Neighborhood Pub
• Indie Music Fridays – Anything can happen @ Indie music Fridays from 8pm to 1am ( On 3WestTv – Canada)
o Spin music from indie artists from around the world in genres selected by the bar patrons
o Local Artists can drop in for interview / acoustic performance to let the world know what’s going on in their world
o With enough artists dropping in we can have an acoustic jam happening
o Pretty much anything can happen
• Karaoke Saturdays with Jeff the Round Man of Sound from 9pm to 1am on 3WestTv Audio Unlimited.

What About Bob’s – on 3WestTv - Canada
• Thirsty Thursday’s Karaoke with Fast Eddie from 8pm to Midnight.

You are probably asking if we are all about indie artists then “What’s With the Karaoke”? Simple really Karaoke Artists are in their own way indie artists performing cover tunes. Keep in mind that if a singer does not want their song streamed over the internet then we have to turn them off.

This leaves us with about 3 and a half minutes of air to fill…That’s where indie music gets played. Listeners can get familiar with 3WestTv and our audio stations that support indie music.
Also, to our knowledge, we have the only two live to air Karaoke shows in Calgary.

Don’t Forget about current technology – there are numerous software programs available that will allow artists to take one of their own copyrighted songs and convert it to Karaoke format and sing it at a show.

Broadcasting bands live from venues is not new, other venues have tried it, and we are dedicated to the process, of interaction with listening audiences and live performances.

With the exception of Karaoke (the last hour of Thirsty Thursdays is recorded) the live broadcasts are recorded for replay in the 3WestTv Blog (blogtv.3westtv.com). So if you missed an artist’s performance you can catch up there.
Also the indie artist’s recorded broadcasts are split up and placed in rotation on


www.3westtvaudiounlimited.com/audio.htm and


...where people can request, dedicate and rate songs in rotation.

We will be re-launching two weekly live broadcasts (before summer)
1. The Weekly Top Ten Rated Songs On The 3WestTv Audio Network
2. The Weekly Top Fifteen Requested Songs On The 3WestTv Audio Network

To keep up on current live broadcasts or to listen visit www.3westtv.mobi

3WestTv has three statements that best describe our core operations
1. Independent, Innovative & Imaginative
2. Dedicated To Independent Artists Of All Mediums And Genres (Under17a)
3. Everyone gets a chance on 3WestTv…It’s what you do with your chance that matters!
This is our launch point; keep an eye on us to see what happens next.

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by: Wilfred

I am a regular viewer of 3 West TV and I am impressed with this enhancement. It can certainly promote various artists who are the part of this TV. The new logo looks really exciting and powerful.

by: Anonymous

Could you write about more specific groups and when they are playing in certain locations.

A great local scene
by: Anonymous

Wow this website is very intriguing. My first thoughts, were a little apprehensive, but as soon as I began reading these well written reviews on the local scenes, I became very interested. I would like to explore more of this site if I had the time. I love hearing about music and the local draw that it brings in. The site is extremely basic and easy to navigate which I love.

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