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Easy to find Albert Park

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East of the Deerfoot Trail is Albert Park. It has merged with Radisson Heights so the names are often used together or interchangably, and this pair of neighborhoods lies between Memorial Drive and 17th Avenue SE and west of 36th Street and Forest Lawn. See the yellow number 175 on the map below.

Albert Park Location

The 6000 people there enjoy the view of Downtown, the nice park in the eastern slope of the river valley with long walking and biking trails, The Rocky Mountains and the river valley with the Max Bell Centre and, or course, easy access to the Deerfoot Trail.

There is more to this area than meets the eye. Let's start with its heritage; Albert Smyth and partner designed this to become a nice place with a lake, windmills and many other attractions. When desperation called for them to start a railroad scam to get business, problems compounded and they eventually abandoned the project.

It took from 1908 to 1950 to finish developing the area, and it now has a community centre with a kitchen, pool/shuffleboard tables and TV.  It also features bingo, skating, sports, video games and foosball.

Many like this area because of its inner city charm, large trees and character homes.  The affordable prices here make it even better for many, especially as the process of gentrification does turn it into a more upscale area in the future.

Why we like it here in Albert Park

Albert Park

The Community is close to downtown, Deerfoot Trail, Barlow Trail and Memorial Drive.  The Franklin LRT C-Train Station serves these people as well. Many folks have noted that the convenient proximity to Marlborough Mall, the Calgary Zoo and Northgate Shopping Centre, parks, golfing and several schools help make this a desirable place to live.

Speaking of schools, the Radisson Park School takes kids from kindergarten to grade 4 while 5's to 9's go to Sir Wilfred Laurier School. High School kids to to Forest Lawn High School just a short bus ride less than 20 blocks east. Catholic families can choose either Holy Family or Holy Redeemer for grades K to 6, Bishop Kidd for 7 to 9 and then Father Lacombe High School right in the northeast part of your neighbourhood.

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