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Mayland Heights Classic Charm

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Ever heard of Mayland Heights? This was the original Crossroads; it became part of Calgary in the 1910 annex, and saw the construction of these solid homes occur during the 1960's. You will find the specific area under discussion right between Deerfoot Trail and Barlow Trail, filling the space between 16 Avenue NE and Memorial Drive.

Mayland Heights Location

See the yellow number 99 in this map? Nearly 6000 people live in this area.

Like Vista Heights to the north, This classic area offers great views of downtown and the Rockies and has 19th Street running through the neighbourhood to serve as the main traffic collector.

The Crossroads Community Association serves both these areas with a licensed hall and wheelchair access, featuring a lounge, kitchen stage meeting rooms and games room. Skating and Bingo are also available at this facility.

Other things that make this neighbourhood sought after are quiet and appealing streets mature trees and classic landscaping and handy amenities.

Transportation and Infrastructure in Mayland Heights

Mayland Heights

Crossroads gives prospective residents a chance to live in the inner city, close to downtown, 16 Avenue and Deerfoot Trail for a very reasonable cost.  The central location and access to efficient traffic thoroughfares is often appreciated by the residents in this community as well. 

With Deerfoot Trail nearby, the airport, deep south and Cross Iron Mills are all convenient to reach. And with Memorial Drive just to the south, downtown becomes a quick and easy destination as well. There is a C-Train station close by, giving even more options for commuting.

What about schools? In the public system, Mayland Heights School and Belfast School both have kids from kindergarten to grade 6. Grade 7 to 8 go to Colonel MacLeod School and 9s to Sir John Franklin School.

Senior high school kids travel to Crescent Heights High School, which is a bit to the west. In the Catholic system, the younger children, up to grade 6 start off at Holy Redeemer School, or St. Alphonsus or St Martha right up until grade 9. Older ones choose between St Francis High School or St. Mary's High School in the beltline.  A place of worship for this crowd is right in the neighbourhood, - Mary, Mother of the Redeemer on 14th Avenue.

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