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A symbol of Growth luxury and comfort

by Joydip

Not just any campus

Not just any campus

This is my own real estate story.

It took 4 long years to find a dream location. Everyone wishes to give their family a healthy and luxurious environment. So I also promised to my family for giving a pleasant living experience in the vicinity of a lush green campus.

If we are looking for a luxurious and peaceful living in the lush green campus then IIT campus is the answer. IIT campus has facilities like Wi-Fi connectivity, swimming pool, gym, health club, conference room, golf club centre and business lounge etc.

We can have a pleasant experience in the garden where flowers spread their fragrance all over. In the evening, I can enjoy a peaceful living experience with my family members and friends. To enjoy the good spirit of sports, there are playgrounds. Golf course centre is there where we can enhance our creativity for sports. IIT campus is an epitome of luxury, comfort and peaceful living in the vicinity of lush green campus.

IIT campus location makes it more attractive. It is located near two railway stations for local trains, 3 bus stops and just 2 miles away from the International Airport. IIT campus has all the modern facilities which are require for a luxuries and peaceful living.

IIT campus has different categories of apartments like regular apartment, garden apartment, two-bed room apartment, three bed room apartment etc. Here, I am staying in a two-bedroom apartment.

Barry's Response - Sounds lovely, Joydip. I live university campuses.

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