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about COUNTING BLUE CARS By Richards

by John N Maguire III
(Little Rock SC )



YOU HAVE THE WRONG LYRICS, it is HER NOT Him, as it is in your web site: FROM ANOTHER WEB SITE: "Dishwalla had a #1 hit in 1996 with the Richards-penned "Counting Blue Cars," famous for its "tell me all your thoughts on God/'cause I'd really like to meet Her"

You have " .... meet him."


John N Maguire III (The planet starter (the one who started the design of the planet Earth billions of years ago with 6 women), Brain change medium: hear ghosts and past lives and minds, celibate religion founder: The Truth religion, & the oldest man - first to appear on a planet.) Current incarnation of Icarus.

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Barry's Response - Yes, I do recall now that line was "...her". Thanks for pointing that out.

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