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Bike Trecking

by Sumit

Form a club...

Form a club...


It is wonderful experience riding bike in mountain along with friends. It one side may consider as a good exercise as well as helps to remove stress. Morning time bike riding also have good impact on our health by consuming more oxygen helps purifying the bloood.

It is really helpful and entertainable also to have bike ride in mountain side. It consider as an adventureous one also. Boasting some of the best cycling in the world the the calgary area provides visitors some 633kms pathway and 290 km of bike routes.

It is consider as one of the best place for riding bike and doing the adventure. The morning session with natural smell of forests while riding bike really enthusiatics and all over i like riding bike in mountain areas like clagary.

Barry's Response - Yes, a good ride can be invigorating and refreshing, can't it. These days I normally ride with my kids, although at one point I used to commute by bike. Thanks for your kind words, Sumit.

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