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Boxing IS a martial art

by vimal

Rock 'em Sock 'em

Rock 'em Sock 'em

It all depends on the person and nothing more. I've seen TKD masters beat boxers and kick boxers like hell before, and vice versa.

On the average, a boxer will beat most MA on the amateur level. Why? Because of all the crappy Mcdojo, and because sparring is almost barred from martial arts dojos.

Many people even believe that TKD is nothing more than back flips and useless fancy kicks. If you really fight head to head with someone that's very adept at it, you'd be amazed at TKD's power.

It all comes down to the person fighting. Not just how fast and strong you are, but how smart you are. A TKD black belt not being able to stop a mere "aggressive" charge is ridiculous. Then again, Neron just might be a strong fighter naturally.

There is, however, the greatest fighting style: Shaolin Soccer.

Barry's Response - Never saw the movie, Vimal. But it has strong review across the board and, apparently, by mixing these sports with comedy it achieves its intended effect.

Good effort from Hong Kong. Get ready to kick some Grass.

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