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Celtic music suits Calgary well

by Kris K.
(Currently in Houston, TX)

Tools of the Trade

Tools of the Trade

Celtic music Is not a "fusion of a number of UK folk music styles" - it's a style of instrumental and vocal techniques, coupled with a highly-melodic musical style often including both syncopated elements and major-minor key shifts, which is indigenous to the Celtic peoples, meaning, the pre-Briton peoples who were pushed into Wales (or, more accurately, Cymry), Scotland, and Ireland when the Britons immigrated to the area now known as England. The Irish, Scottish, and Cymry music have different characteristics from one another, although most people aren't familiar with these.

Celtic music is especially known for both its beautiful, haunting melodies, and its rousing, rythmic dance music. Since Celtic, especially Scottish, people were the first White settlers in certain areas of North America, Celtic music and dnace was the original basis for much of what's currently known as Appalacian folk music and dance, as well as the folk music and dance of Prince Edward Island and Newfoundland in Canada.

These folk styles accompanies people as they moved West, and in turn formed the basis of what evolved into Western music. So, although it might seem on the surface that Calgary is an unusual place to find Celtic music, in fact, it makes complete sense, since Western and Celtic music are cousins and compliment each-other in many ways.

Barry's Response Well, Kris. It seems you know more about the subject than most, including me. Very educational indeed. Thanks for your input.

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