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Enjoying a summer evening park ride

by Iri

Buying the right bike is not at all an easy task. I am just now in the middle of such a process. I have been advised to try to define what I want the bike for. depending on the activity I plan to do with it, I should invest my money.

Many people just get a bike to go every day to work. My desire is to be able to go for a bike ride with my 9 years old daughter. I will not be able to ride it every day but during summer, I do plan to use it daily. And, because I do not plenty of storing space, I would want it to be able to fold and be thus kept on the balcony.
I have read about the many existing bike types but I think I will go for a simple model that will allow me to do park summer rides.

I work for a rental outlet and I do know how good it is to be able to enjoy nature from time to time. And if you have a park close to you and a proper bike, you can certainly enjoy a nice ride.

Barry's Response - Thank you Iri. We can enjoy our bicycles for a variety of uses. Commuting and recreation are two of the prime ones.

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