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Filip on fiddle

by filip

Playin' a little jig

Playin' a little jig

Firstly, i must say that I don't have an English, Irish, Scottish or similar cultural background, but I like the sound of fiddle. I play guitar so I know many things about music, and I must say that I am totally in love with this new instrument for my, fiddle.

I must say that i don't see this type of thing happening in a far-away place such as Calgary or Alberta, butt it would be a amazing thing. It would be a great idea to spend some time to bring this amazing type of music style to places like, i don't know, Canada or France, or maybe Slovenia.

I myself have never ever seen a live performance of Celtic music and/or dancing, but i would like to. I like the idea to see some people from Ireland dancing and playing fiddle. I can say that for me that would be one of the most funnest thing to do beside playing my old guitar and drinking beer with my friends. The only problem for me is that i don't have lot of money so i don't think i could afford some instrument like fiddle, because I think it is very expensive toy.

Barry's Response - If it's worth it to you and important enough, it's worth the money. Get one, learn to use it and enjoy. Thanks for your input, Filip.

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