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Haven't been to Calgary

by Tabatha
(High Point, NC,USA)

Alberta Map

Alberta Map

I haven't been to Calgary but I'd like to. Frankly there's not many places I wouldn't care to go to.

And I love maps. I think they are beautiful and I am always looking for meaningful maps to me, local places, places with memories, to frame and decorate my house with.

But I don't understand this site. The text is written for someone not really familiar with maps or how to read them, but the maps are not particularly user-friendly, so not very accessible for the newbie. And what's with the inclusion of music and rock and roll? Shouldn't that be a separate website?

I can see pointing out some live music along with other interesting addresses on your map, but that doesn't seem to be what you're doing. This website seems to have split personalities and it makes the site as a whole weaker.

Barry's Response - I will have to address that last point, somehow. Thanks for the insight, Tabatha. It really is a map site.

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