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I don't know any of these songs

Get in the Groove

Get in the Groove

I don't know any of these songs. This seems to be geared to old obscure music that my parents or older people would prefer listening to. I don't know where calgary city is or even Alberta.

Barry's Response -

1) Go to www.grooveshark.com - after it loads type into the search box a word or two from the song title and part of the artists's name. Try for the most unique word from each part. With this website you can listen free online to nearly any song you can imagine. You might be surprised which of these oldies you recognize from TV commercials or other hidden bits of exposure.

2) Go to maps.google.com - type in Calgary. There are a few places in the world by that name, but only one that matters.

Just kidding - although Calgary, Alberta has over a million people now.

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