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Just Gotta be Perfect

by Gotta Vijay

I used to love that song 'It's Got To Be Perfect' by Fairground Attraction.

But they are musicians, their message isn't appropriate in the world of sales. The opposite is closer to the truth. Here's another way of saying the same, "If it's worth doing, it's worth doing badly".

Before you get excited and tell me how wrong I am, let me explain by asking you a question. Do you take a long time preparing things, trying to get them just right before you implement them? For example, if I suggested that you make a list of 10 new potential customers and then get on the phone and ask if there is anything that you could help them with. How long would it take you to complete the task?

Here's the thing; what determines your success in many activities is how many times you try. Lots of attempts of a reasonable quality, beat a few which are perfect.

It doesn't much matter. Have a go - jump in the deep end - some words will come out of your mouth. And as long as you can manage to say a little about what you do or supply and ask if that is something that the prospect might need, it's good enough, at least to start with.

Clumsy as your first attempts might be, it won't be long before your skill level improves. You'll stumble on some good words and find competent replies for the usual questions, even objections won't faze you.

Just do it - it doesn't have to be perfect.

Barry's Response - Just a few interesting rambling thoughts. Gets us all thinking. Thank you very much, Gotta.

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