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by Monisha C
(Chennai, India)

A learning instrument

A learning instrument

LIVE MUSIC speaks the importance of music in a person's life. It also helps us to shape our own unique social and cultural identity.

Very culture, we express ourselves, particularly our thoughts and feelings, through music. It surrounds people and its broad usage closely relates to people’s daily lives.

Music is especially important in the lives of adolescents. The music is always there, reminding us of past experiences, making us smile and feel exhilaration and sometimes ...

Live music supports the development of self-esteem, creativity, learning and social skills for those with learning difficulties or physical disability.

Live music stimulates and engages older people, providing opportunities for social interaction and physical movement, and triggers memories for all, including those living with dementia.

Live music offers adults and young people on the margins of society opportunities to take part in activities that raise aspirations, broaden horizons and encourage long-term changes to patterns of anti-social behaviour.

Live music brings opportunities for the very young, particularly in deprived communities, to develop learning and social skills through musical play and storytelling.

Barry's Response - Some insightful thoughts into the psychology of music, and some of its sociological impacts. Thank you for your input, Monisha.

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