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many places in Canada

Here's one that matters

Here's one that matters

Canada stretches from the Pacific to the Atlantic and high into the Arctic oceans. They have many places in Canada like Whitehorse YK, Ottawa and Toronto ON, Cape Breton etc.

Similarly, Calgary is a big town in Alberta and if you ride the elevator, you can go to the top of Calgary Tower. From there you get a panoramic view of the city, surrounding foothills, and the famous Canadian Rockies.

Down on earth this city offers many stores, restaurants and pubs. There are also antique shops and bookstores.

You can even enjoy a private sleepover in the rainforest at the Calgary Zoo. Calgary is also famous for the Canadian Red Mile, which joins the Calgary Flames & Calgary Stampede to the rest of the city.

Barry's Response - Correct. We all like it. And once you do visit, you will discover more, lessor known, secrets.

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