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perfect romantic evening

by Kevin

Just the two of us...

Just the two of us...

Making plans for the perfect romantic evening can sometimes be intimidating for a bachelor like myself. However, one of the key components has and has always been sharing a good bottle of wine with that special person in my life.

Personally, I like to go for sweet red wines as I find dry wines a bit harsh on my stomach. Knowing the preference of the other person is always an asset.

Elegantly long-stemmed wine crystal glasses are the perfect mood setter as well as an appropriately placed decantor. For various reasons though I hardly ever let the wine breath in the decant (just for show) and I prefer to aerate the wine using a device I bought a few years ago.

South American wines are among my favourite, particularly those from Argentina and Uruguay. Fortunately, my travels have allowed me to sample them up close and personally.

In the winter time there is nothing more pleasing than to warms things up during a relaxing night in with that special someone ... its hard to make it all happen without a good wine.

Barry's Response - Ahhh...a WineOisseur if I've ever met one. It sounds like your expertise goes beyond mine. Thanks for your contribution here, Kevin.

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