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petar on Calgary

by pero

Topographic Map of Calgary

Topographic Map of Calgary

Hy, my mane is Petar and I am coming from one small place in Bosnia, called Zenica. I heve never ever been to Calgary, but i have visited Canada for couple of times and I must say that i like Canada very much. My uncle lives in Canada.

I think that all in Canada is well organized, so as maps of any city or bigger town as well. I have seen Calgary on pictures from my uncle and I must admit it is very beautiful place for living. I would like to live there.

I have seen on internet that city is divided into 4 quadrants, NW, NE, SW and SE, as well. I think it is great idea, and it is really easy to understand the system and the addresses, even for me.

Why I say even for me? Because probably one block of Calgary is bigger and more developed than my entire hometown Zenica.I have spent lot of time viewing city maps of all big cities of the world and I must admit that just a few have better city maps than Calgary. Even some mega cities can not compare with Calgary when we talk about city maps.

Barry's Response - Most of Calgary came into being in the 20th century. This took place well after many organization mishaps in hundreds of cities developed prior and city planners were able to benefit from the experience. Thanks for your accolades, Petar.

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