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Recruit Bands

by Rick

new bands

new bands

This web page is trying to recruit bands to play in and around Calgary. The page is some what sarcastic in nature and the easy read is a good way to invite bands to play in public.

The website also says there is a contrast in music appreciation between tone deaf people and those who can hear music...I beg to differ. Yes, people who are tone deaf can never really know what key the song is in or what note they are singing, but that does not mean they cannot appreciate and enjoy listening to a band rocking out!

There is just as much music in rhythm as there is in notes. I hope this does not deter those less musically inclined people from experiencing music in Calgary.

Barry's Response - Yeah, you're right Rick. The self-proclaimed tone deaf can enjoy more than just rhythm. They can respond to melodic and harmonic elements as well.

They usually just lack the confidence to reproduce them in a public setting. At least that has been my experience.

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