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by Bobbie
(Wheeling, WV)

I am thinking of visiting and found this Web site to see what the night life is like. Wow did I hit the jackpot!I found a group called ShadowBeat and watched a video of them doing a Beatles song. Great Job! They also do a variety of Rolling Stones and some 80's and 90's music, to me that means something for everyone in our group.

I always tinkered with music and dreamed of playing in a band but could never see the way to do it. This web site offers not only a place to go and see others suceed amazingly well at it but also helps you if you have the courage to try yourself. Everything from places to play, instruments, to lessons on singing and playing can be found at the click of a mouse.

I would like to say I'll try my luck but to be brutally honest I don't have the courage yet! But I will dance the night away and I wish I was going to be at Chelsea's Pub and Grill tomorrow night to see ShadowBeat Live. I'll keep watching your site for when I do take my trip in January. Hopefully by then I will work up the strength to try. Thanks for the information and the inspiration.

Barry's Response - Hey, thanks for the comments Bobbie. That would be fun, for sure. The band has played that location quite regularly. Here is the video (above) Bobbie was mentioning.

UPDATE - ShadowBeat is now Back in the Day, with FIVE musicians.

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