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Thats my CAR

by Harrison
(Stockton, CA)

a classic

a classic

That's my CAR! I remember the time when I wanted to buy a used car for myself and I was really confused where to start looking, which one exactly would be my dream car - the one which would fit into my budget and would look good on me and at the same time would be really genuine in terms of all the parts and a real performer.

I was afraid that I would be cheated by the auto car dealerships and that they would not give me a good deal for my money. At that point of time if I would have been able to find a good enough service for myself, the whole experience would have been much better.

Barry's Response - Keep looking, the more sources you examine (e.g. word-of-mouth, kijiji, autotrader, ebay etc.) the better deal you'll eventually find. Thanks for sriting, Harrison.

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