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The Calgary Music Festival

by Griffin
(Pittsburgh, PA)

A little variety...

A little variety...

Although I myself am a big supporter of Celtic Music, it is not everyone's cup of tea. Celtic music is a rich melodic tradition that has been practiced for centuries. By incorporating the use of bagpipes, voices, violins, guitars, etc, the musicians are able to create an amazing array of sounds to pay homage to their ancestors.

If you enjoy Celtic music, support the arts, or are simply just curious to see what Celtic music really is about, than please check out The Calgary Music festival. Doing so, not only will you be supporting the arts, you will also be helping to support a vivacious culture that has continued to hold true to the rich traditions and practices it once had.

Barry's Response - Education. That's what experiencing different types of music and culture is primarily about. You never know; you just might find something you love, but won't know about until your discover it in the first place. I play in a steel drum band for instance, and found it quite by accident.

Thanks for your input, Griffin.

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