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transit story

by Brownb

We ain't goin' nowhere, folks

We ain't goin' nowhere, folks

I was heading home from school at about 4 or 5 pm, and i decided to go into the liquor store before getting home, just buying a shot of whiskey. I usually take the bus home, and instead of crossing the street to the stop i normally get on i went to up to the next stop to catch the bus there.

I was waiting standing on some snow which was stable, and the bus came, The number 4. I thought it was actually 414. I believe the angle i saw the 4 and thought that that was the correct bus, so i got on and soon realized, "hey this isn't the way I should be going."

It took 10 to 15 minutes to realize because i was reading a book. Then I decided to get off the bus and soon enough looked for a 20, and i stopped in the snow which was falling hard. My foot was so cold i felt numb and i waited so long for the number 20.

It was about an hour or so. But eventually it did came and I caught my second bus i needed to take at around 7:30 PM. I got home by 8:00 and all because of the weather here.

Barry's Response - Not to mention Calgary's mediocre transit system.

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