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Congratulations, you're a Calgary Realtor. So, you've decided on your career and completed your training.  What's your next step? Well, you might need to find yourself a good, local company offering you a chance for professional development, so that you can broaden your career as you would like.  Or, ultimately, create your own.

Do you just start applying like crazy, sending your curriculum vitae (or resume) to everyone on the map? That's one way, however you might prefer a more refined approach.

Fortunately for you, there are a number of Calgary real estate professionals, who can show you the ropes. They can help you with this whether they are Trademarked REALTORS® (Owned by REALTOR® Canada Inc.) or work independently.  Because the Alberta market always seems to present a decent opportunity, you've picked a good time and place to start off your real estate career.

But in order to select the right company, you first need to have an idea what you want to sell. Check the Realtor jobs on the right.

People might use a Calgary Realtor to deal with Other properties

On the other hand if you would prefer to work more on the commercial side and deal with businesses and industrial real estate (such as those listed on https://www.realtor.ca/Commercial/index.aspx), then an option for you could be MaxComm Realty Advisors Inc. Check out calgaryofficespace.com for more information.

Perhaps you're not sure about joining a company and would rather remain independent. In this case, you should take a look at the Calgary Real Estate Board, CREB, website creb.com - They will be able to advise a new Calgary Real Estate professional what to do now, for example what certifications you need, in order to progress in your career.  

Choices vary.  You can be one of "more than just individuals authorized to sell real estate – they are dedicated professionals, members of the Canadian Real Estate Association (CREA) and adhere to a specific code of ethics called the REALTOR® code. They have a passion for helping people, making connections and working towards positive outcomes."


Whatever part of the market you decide to focus in, being a Realtor can be very rewarding. After all, seeing the satisfied look on your customers' faces once you've matched them with their perfect home at the price they wanted is an opportunity you don't often get in most careers.

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