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At Home in Calgary Saddleridge

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Where is the Calgary Saddleridge community?  It's quite a way up northeast. Used to be a lo-o-ong way out, until that new freeway opened on the east side in 2009.  You'll find Saddleridge north of 80th Avenue, up as far north as 96th (some call the northern portion Saddle Crest).  Saddleridge is boune on the west side by 52nd and extends eastward to 68th street and beyond and this place is one of the newer residential additions to the northeast.  More recent developments in that corner of the city include Skyview Ranch, Redstone and Cityscape to the west as well as Cornerstone to the east.

See the yellow number 100 on the map:

Saddle Ridge Location

On what was originally acreages, suburban growth started sprouting up in the area around 1999 and is now finished. It is about two miles due east of the Calgary International Airport (YYC).

What's it all about. Quiet. Great family neighbourhood, new, safe and clean with shopping and other anemities, including transit. Handy. There are plans for LRT development out to this neck of the woods. The northeast C-train extension is expected to bring service to the Saddletowne Circle.

Saddleridge features solid real estate values, amongst the lowest of NE neighborhood crime rates, plenty of green space and improving access to the growing city. The Signature Estates area provides more upscale homes for those with such a preference. The Saddlebrook development holds similar promise. Some properties offer nice city views.

How is Calgary Saddleridge for Children?

Calgary SaddleRidge

A new school and several playgrounds for the little ones are perfect for the area. And so will the new Genesis Centre Sports Complex with a pool, fitness centre and library.

Students can commute to Marborough School, Mayland Heights School, Bob Edwards Junior High and the Nelson Mandela High School over in Martindale. Catholic kids go to Msgr. A. J. Hetherington School, St. Wilfrid, St. Martha Junior High, Blessed John XXIII Jr High, and Bishop McNally High School, just a bit south in Falconridge.

Other services include the new Saddle Ridge Multi-services Centre, a much-celebrated city facility with fire, police and emergency medical services all in one centralized unit. Commercial services in the same Saddleridge Town Centre complex (surrounded by Saddletown Circle NE) include Scotiabank, Canada Post, Dentist, Safeway, Shoppers Drug Mart, Pizza 73, RBC, Boston Pizza and several others in various stages of development.

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