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Calgary Sun Newspaper

Let's start with the Calgary sun newspaper this morning.  The sun has just about raised its head above the horizon and you're up with the birds to start your day with a steaming cup of coffee and your paper. The kids are still sleeping, your spouse is grumblingly getting ready for work, and the dog has already been let out of the house for the morning.

This is your daily ritual, the time in between other things when you can snatch a few minutes to yourself to enjoy your Calgary Sun in peace and quiet.

After that, all hell breaks loose, and you'll be lucky to get even one tenth of the peace that you're getting now.

Sounds of movement from above stairs sets you to reading faster, you wouldn't want to miss out on any of the good stuff. You crawl through the sections that interest you like scanning a map.

The headline news section, the lifestyle section and such. Fashion only gets a cursory glance as do the various photographs including the daily Sunshine Girl picture. You can always look through those later when you have more leisure time.

You take a quick ride through the columns and spin through the showbiz section. A caption catches your eye, something about a new, interesting band, and you backtrack quickly to read it in more detail. The others can wait, this one looks promising.

The sounds of life above stairs becomes even louder and you head on automatic to the coffee machine first, then over to the stove to set a skillet to heat up for the bacon and eggs that constitutes as breakfast.

Stampede-style Breakfast

A day in the life with your Calgary Sun newspaper

Still reading your Calgary Sun newspaper but this time with your head deep into the lifestyle section, you set the table and get glasses, plates and bowls ready. Juice, milk, and toast are set out ready to be eaten, and the bacon is put to fry.

Looking up only long enough to see that everything's as it should be you go back to your paper and your now slightly-cold cup of coffee.

You then wind your way through the movie listings, because you wanted to take the kids out this weekend, and find yourself somehow or other in the comic section.

Bypassing the TV listings, you head on over to the horoscopes to find out about your stars for the day.

You've just about gone through everything that you can for the moment and only pause to scan through the some messages by local advertisers that grab your attention. A particularly interesting looking ad on a discount sale catches your eye and you mentally earmark it.

Having finished your ride through your Calgary Sun newspaper, you set it next to your husband's plate and wait serenely for him to come and take his usual daily run through the headline news and the Calgary sports section of the paper.

You know his secret though, once in his office he's going to go through the Calgary Sun on the internet through the website, calgarysun.com and that's why he doesn't spend too much time on the comics page now!

Peanuts Characters

The kids are off to school, your man on his way to work and you're just about ready to start with your daily work schedule, but you take a breather for a second and put your feet up.

A feeling of contentment passes through you as pick up your Calgary Sun newspaper and mentally consign the kids, the dog, and – ahem – your husband, to the next realm.

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