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Calgary TMJ Treatment


Calgary TMJ dentistry for your needs.  We know Calgary for its oil and gas industry and cleanliness, but what about this kind of special care.   It make sense that the folks there take good care of their teeth. Ya just might need a some specialized dental care information once in a while.

Calgary TMJ

If you are having a little mouth trouble then you should look for a Calgary dentist who’s a member of the Canadian Dental Association. That way you know you’ll get the best kind of care for your teeth.

If you need to get to the dentist pretty quick then hop in yer car and get going. Some dental work is more intense than other kinds and you may need the type of sedation that puts you right out while the procedure takes place.

Let's say, for example, that you have been involved in an automobile accident. If you suffer from headaches and ringing in the ears then you could have a condition known as TMJ, TemporoMandibular Joint Disfunction Syndrome. Often the result of a severe blow to the jaw, this can happen if you’ve been severly roughed up.

If you get a bad case of TMJ then you could find that you grind your teeth and have a cracking in the jaw or difficulty opening your mouth. If this is the case then your really need to see a Calgary neuromuscular dentist.

Where to Get Calgary TMJ Help

If you get your jaw looked at, it might help a little with the teeth grinding and other problems. Here's a map with a short list of Calgary TMJ practitioners taken from the local phone book.

TMJ Specialists in Calgary

  1. Crowfoot Dental
    210 20 Crowfoot Cr NW
  2. Ranchlands Dental Clinic
    7750 Ranchview Dr NW
  3. Brisebois Dental Care
    101-3919 Brentwood Road NW
  4. Northern Hills Sport Physiotherapy
    760-500 Country Hills Boulevard NE
  5. Calgary Pain Management Centre Ltd.
    304-1011 Glenmore Trail SW
  6. Brisebois Dental Care
    101-3919 Brentwood Road NW
  7. Shariff Galib Dr Professionl Corp
    304-1011 Glenmore Trail SW
  8. Glamorgan Family Chiropractic & Massage
    22-3919 Richmond Road SW
  9. Layton, Alex R, Dr. / London Square Dental Center
    #230 - 3545 32 Avenue NE
  10. Sorensen Brett Dr. New location East of Deerfoot Trail at
    Sorensen Dental Group.
    358, 5222 130th Ave SE Calgary.
    Phone: 403-262-9696 and Fax: 403-262-9679.
When you suffer from TMJ you really do need to get some help, maybe with a Calgary sleep dentist. If it is left unchecked then you could suffer permanent damage to your teeth and your jaw, as well as suffering the neurological pain and headaches that are often an effect of the condition.

In this case, you really do need to get treatment for the condition early on as only proper care can halt the damage to your jaw and prevent your teeth loosening.

You may need some bite adjustment and your doctor may also recommend stress relieving practices such as meditation or physical therapy. You may be offered prescription medication to help with the pain as well.

The point is, Temporo Mandibular Joint Dysfunction Syndrome can be a debilitating condition so you really ought to get it seen by a Calgary TMJ specialist as soon as you can.

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