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World Health Club Calgary Gyms

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Ever been to the World Health Club Calgary gym?  If someone asks you that, you might begin by asking them which one they mean. After all, there are nine of these gyms around the city itself, and whilst most of them have similar facilities, some of them offer different services.

Nine? Yeah. Here is a map of World Health Club Calgary Locations:

World Health Club Calgary

  1. Sunridge Mall
  2. 7222 Edgemont Boulevard NW
  3. 217 7 Ave Sw (Bay Club)
  4. 4344 MacLeod Trail SW
  5. 4604 37 Street SW
  6. North Hill Shopping Centre
  7. 10655 Southport Road SW
  8. 5401 Temple Drive NE
  9. 21-240 Midpark Way SE

For example WHC Sunridge, 36 St. and 20 Ave. NE, above offers exclusive women's fitness. The North Hill club based at the North Hill Shopping Center, 16 Ave. & 14 St. NW is very easy to reach, especially if you're going by LRT. Whilst Bay Club in downtown Calgary offers an exceptional service for one on one personal training.

Irrespective of which club you are looking at, all of them offer tips and help on both health and fitness issues, as well as having a wide range of top fitness equipment available to use.

In addition, World Health Club Calgary runs a reward plan that local businesses participate in and which offers you discounts at some clothing stores and restaurants.

Check out the website worldhealthclub.com for more details, or go down to one of your local clubs. I'm not saying that this health club is the only fitness club Calgary has to offer. There are many clubs in the area, so if you are intending to join one, maybe invest a little time upfront to check out the facilities to ensure that it's what you want.

Weight loss through exercise...
How to do it right.

Otherwise you'll end up as one of the many who have invested a lot of money in the fitness club only to find you don't like going as it doesn't give you what you want.

Things to watch for in World Health Club Calgary locations...

WHC Logo

For example, are the clubs fitness trainers certified and do they seem happy in what they are doing?

After all it's not really enjoyable attending a class such as rock and roll gymnastics if your trainer can't get any motivation going and is really looking halfhearted at best.

Also, are the facilities up to date and look clean and well maintained.

It's also good to have an idea in your mind during which hours you are most likely to use the club facilities as this can affect your membership price.

To be honest, once you've done some checking around, I wouldn't be surprised if you end up joining one of the World Health Club. The World Health Club is after all considered to be the leader of health and fitness solutions in the Alberta area, both in affordability as well as service.

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