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Need some Celtic music in Calgary?

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This map shows you places for Celtic music in Calgary. Some of these live Celtic music venues in the city have entertainment regularly, others only during special occasions.

Maybe you'll come across the right Calgary Celtic supporters club for your needs.

If you have wondered where in Calgary live Celtic music can be heard, refer to the legend below the Calgary map shown here.

It should be worth your effort to find out what Celtic music Calgary has for you. Enjoy.

Celtic Music in Calgary

Here are the locations:

  1. Calgary Celtic Soccer Club
    (403) 278-6556
  2. Calgary Folk Club
    (403) 286-5651
  3. Calgary Irish Rugby & Field Hockey Club
    4334 18 Street NE, Calgary, AB T2E8P4
    (403) 291-5181
  4. Ceili's Irish Pub Limited
    513 8 Avenue Southwest 126, Calgary, AB T2P1G3
    (403) 205-3300
  5. Ceili's On 7th Limited
    805 8 Avenue Southwest, Calgary, AB T2P1H7
    (403) 265-1200
  6. Folk Festival Society of Calgary
    Po Box 2897 Stn
  7. M, Calgary, AB T2P3C3
    (403) 233-0904

  8. Irish Cultural Society
    6452 35 Avenue Northwest, Calgary, AB T3B1S6
    (403) 288-8641
  9. James Joyce Irish Pub & Restaurant
    114 8 Avenue Southwest, Calgary, AB T2P1B3
    (403) 262-0708
  10. Unicorn Pub
    304 8 ave SW, Calgary, AB T2P1C2
    (403) 234-8816
  11. The Warehouse
    733 10 Avenue Southwest Rear, Calgary, AB T2R0B3
    (403) 264-0535

What is Celtic music in Calgary (or anywhere)?

Irish and Scottish folk music is what most people think of when they hear this phrase. It gets more detailed than that, as you might expect.

Canadian Fiddler

A well established separation has the Irish, Scottish, Gaelic and Manx (from the Isle of Man) identified as Q-Celtic. P-Celtic includes the Welsh, Cornish and Breton cultures.

See if you can find both of these types of Celtic music in Calgary

Another method of categorizing these compositions is by the ranges of pitch and type of scale used in the melodies.

The author of this taxonomy, Alan Stivell, called the major camps Gaelic and Brythonic for wide and narrow range songs.

As you can see, most of this stuff originated in the UK. Other european nations have had influences on this kind of folk as well. What is a jig, for instance? Apparently an integration of Celtic and Italian music.

Canada is well-known for its music following Celtic traditions. Most famous are the Rankin Family, but notable ones also include Great Big Sea and The Irish Rovers for instance.

If you find yourself in Cape Breton in the fall, and this is your kind of music is your thing, check out the Celtic Colours festival. A Nova Scotia highlight the second week of every October.

Whether you get Celtic music in Calgary, Nova Scotia or elsewhere, it may be just great. Good Luck.

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