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Global TV Calgary: Tune in sometime

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Global TV Calgary

Ever watched Global TV Calgary? Global Calgary provides our part of Canada with the network's English language programming. Which network? The one owned by Canwest Media Inc.  Global still broadcasts in town, but here was the station in its heyday.

Global Television provides services to much of English-speaking Canada. And many different programs and specials. Calgary TV listings can't leave out this network, as Canwest and its products, including The Calgary Herald, the major newspaper, dominate the city's media landscape.

The TV schedule for each Global station might vary with the local character of the cities and towns in which the station is played.

The Global network consists of ten stations across Canada, with three in Alberta. They also have eight E! (Canada) network stations, two of which are in Alberta.

E! Television

Global TV Calgary News

Global News Calgary provides news and current affairs content, usually researched from local sources. They also relay nationwide and world information in their program entitled Global National.

Global News

Their shows start with Morning News on weekday and weekend mornings. Let's go flying with Josh. News programming also includes Noon News Hour, early news at 5 pm, Global National nightly news at 5:30, Evening News at 6, Prime News at 10 on weeknights, and News Final, which airs at 11 pm on Global.

Calgary Entertainment

Global TV listings for Global Calgary show us a great prime time entertainment lineup. Global doesn't have a strict schedule, aside from news.

Each station on the network carries its own choice of programs. The autonomy allows them to adjust their programming to the needs of each community served.

Some show British shows, and all have some American programs. But provincial laws vary.

For instance, some provinces state that children's programming has to be shown without commercials. So things like this add nuance to each station as well.

Canadian entertainment is of course very important to this Global station. Shows like:

  • Traders,
  • Bob and Margaret,
  • Blue Murder,
  • Train 48,
  • The Jane Show, and
  • My Fabulous Gay Wedding

...are all shows that have been popular on Global Calgary in recent times.

However, Global TV Calgary does get many American shows a well. First-run American programming on Global Calgary includes

  • House,
  • Heroes,
  • NCIS,
  • The Simpsons,
  • Survivor,
  • Family Guy,
  • 24,
  • Prison Break,

and several others.

We have simultaneous substitution laws in place and they affect some of these shows, which allow this Global station to simultaneously show the episode at the same time as US stations.

This means that if Global shows something at the same time as an American station available on cable, Global TV subscribers can only watch the Canadian version (with Global commercials), even if they tune into the US channel.

Global Calgary. Gotta love it!

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