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Last time cricket i have played




I was playing a cricket match with all my friends. my team has to make 160 runs with an average of 8.

Our start was not so good as two wickets quickly fell down. But i was still there on one side. But I was also not been able to play so good.

At that time some one in opposition start commenting on my batting. I feel very bad and get full of anger.

But it give me the power to play good and I decide to win the match, whatever the situation is. I concentrate on my game and start hitting the ball well. I got confidence and play a great knock.

Ultimately we won the match by 3 wicket. I was then mad with happiness. What a match it was..Unforgettable.

Barry's Response - "mad with happiness". That's one I'll remember. Thanks for the story Rajeev.

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