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Let The Whole World Know What We Are Doing

by Davide Sambrotta Velletri

Some audiences are tougher than others.

Some audiences are tougher than others.

I believe that local bands are the key to real music. Every artist has a dream, the dream of becoming famous and being able to share his/her love for music with millions of people.

I live in Rome, Italy, and I've been writing and playing music for a long time. I'm still waiting for my moment of glory and the opportunity to make this passion of mine something that others could appreciate, but unfortunately it seems that not a lot of people are interested in the music that a bunch of perhaps talented young musicians are able to create in their own garage.

But this should not be enough to break a person's deep love for music, because everyone should remember that the reason we make music in the first place, is because it makes ourselves feel good and happy, and secondly because we are all waiting for a chance to let the whole world know what we are doing.

Barry's Response - Correct, Davide. You and a million other bands...including mine. I'm sure every struggling musician has had the same feelings once in a while. But we try to think about the good things instead. Performing to please.

Thanks for you thoughts here.

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young compositions
by: dominic

You are right Davide, people have no time to hear the young compositions. But you must believe that everyone have a chance. And that chance will come once in your life so whenever you get a chance never regret to make some show.

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