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Music and Kolkata

by Comp Error

Lead Singer!!!

Lead Singer!!!

I dont have much idea about Calgary but I would like to say that I live in Kolkata,India. Kolkata is the place where you will find even small kids listening to Rock music and all.

People here are mad about music and they start getting tuition for it from a very small age. And I don't know how much you know about India but if you Google it then you will find that India is all about music.

As you might have seen some of the Bollywood movies which are incomplete without the Songs. And Kolkata is a place from where tons and tons of Singers have grown and are now leading the Bollywood Music department. Along with that Kolkata is a place where people are mad about Rock Music and so there are so many rock concerts and Competition keeps on happenin'.

All the time.

Barry's Response - Sounds like a place to visit.

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