MUSIC for the world

by subarani

For all of us

For all of us

I like to think its a very useful for human relaxation. Many other languages have terms which only partly cover what Europeans mean by the term music.

Music is God's gift to man, the only art of Heaven given to earth, the only art of earth we take to Heaven.

Barry's Response Here's a few examples for music.

Afrikanns - musiek
Albanian - muzikë
Arabic - موسيقى
Armenian - երաժշտություն
Azerbaigani - musiqi
Basque - musika
Belarusian - музыка
Bulgarian - музика
Catalan - música
Chinese Simplified - 音乐
Chinese Traditional - 音樂
Croatian - glazba
Czech - hudba
Danish - musik
Dutch - muziek
Estonian - muusika
Filipino - musika
Finnish - musiikki
French - la musique
Galician - música
Georgian - მუსიკა
German - Musik
Greek - μουσική
Gujarati - સંગીત
Haitian Creole - mizik
Hebrew - מוסיקה
Hindi - संगीत
Hungarian - zene
Icelandic - tónlist
Indonesian - musik
Irish - ceol
Italian - musica
Japanese - 音楽を
Korean - 음악
Latin - musicae
Latvian - mūzika
Lithuanian - muzika
Macedonian - музика
Malay - muzik
Maltese - mużika
Norwegian - musikk
Persian - موسیقی
Polish - muzyka
Portuguese - música
Romanian - muzică
Russian - музыка
Serbian - музика
Slovak - hudba
Slovenian - music
Spanish - música
Swahili - music
Swedish - musik
Tamil - இசை
Thai - เพลง
Turkish - müzik
Ukranian - müzik
Urdu - موسیقی
Vietnamese - âm nhạc
Welsh - cerddoriaeth
Yiddish - מוזיק

It's all music to me.

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by: anderson

you are absolutely right the musician are Good gift and there natural ability are amazing no body can.

by: Anonymous

There are a lot of people that have made the songs and have composed the songs, but there are only few of the music themes and are only few of the songs that are for the whole of the world. And every person who likes music can enjoy it.

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