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When someone says Calgary Hearld, he means the Calgary Herald newspaper.

Calgary Hearld

In 1883, a new daily paper appeared on the Canadian landscape. It eventually became the Calgary Herald newspaper.

The modern version features full sections for sports, weather, real estate, city news, leading national stories and entertainment amongst others. Finally, you can't overlook the Calgary Herald classified section. And the most comprehensive collection of daily comics in the city.

The sports section likes to cover the city's major teams Calgary Flames NHL Hockey, Calgary Stampeders CFL football, Calgary Roughnecks NLL LaCrosse and Calgary Hitmen WHL Hockey to name a few. Plus things like curling, boxing and the Olympics.

The Good Ol' Newspaper

The real estate area has two major weekly sections. One for homes and another for condos.

The entertainment section covers the latest Hollywood gossip, awards, reviews, the recording industry, more gossip and local entertainment and related issues in pseudo-independent publications such as Swerve and Dose.

The Herald is related to Canada's National Post newspaper, and they share a substantial amount of business-related content.

Our beloved Calgary Herald has served the City of Calgary faithfully for over 125 years now, switching from afternoon delivery to early morning in 1985. Today, a conglomerate covering the Canadian map, called Canwest Global Communications, owns the Calgary Herald.

Calgary's other major daily newspaper is called the Calgary Sun.

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