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Finding a trustworthy retailer for radios and speakers can be a challenge. Soundsaround Calgary offers a handy place to visit, however. As Calgary grows and the economy continues to boom you just might need a great stereo system to match.

You can find your match at a Soundsaround Inc. location at on this map at:

Soundsaround Calgary

  1. 7403 Macleod Trail South
  2. 2219 32 Ave NE
  3. 850 Crowfoot Crescent NW
  4. 4916 130 Avenue SE

or visit

Calgary electronics sales

Sony Boombox

Want something to watch out for? Check the Soundsaround Friday Sale. These sales can fulfill all of your entertainment needs at reduced prices. So shop for the best price comparison at one of the Soundsaround Calgary stores above.

Also be on the lookout for the great Stampede Big Four Building sale one weekend each September.

On the Soundsaround website, you will find noteworthy deals and well...let's face it, equipment you will want and definitely some you need.

They sell stuff online here. While browsing the site, you might run across the About Our Company Page and learn a bit more about who you're dealing with.

The staff members at Soundsaround have never wavered in their keys to good customer service, satisfaction and guarantee to bring you the best experience around.

Though sticking to the Family Owned and operated feel, the company continually strives to compete with the "Big Box" National chains. They not only sell you the products you want but deliver, setup, and help you to use them to their fullest.

Laptop Computer

Electronic Test Equipment Calibration Services

Just kidding. But they currently have several teams for specializing in home installation, and plan to expand with even more teams to meet the needs of their customers.

The customers have a variety of ways to use the services at Soundsaround Calgary.

Examples include Free anytime from Monday to Friday pick up, or having the team literally bring your products home to you and take the time to assemble them and get them ready for Showtime.

At, you can learn about anything from high definition television, HDTV, to the history of high-definition multimedia interface, HDMI. Then learn how to buy the best HDMI cables, consult a trouble shooting guide, and resolve issues with your HDMI.

This all-digital connection in one cable format brings superior picture and sound quality. You will easily choose the best cable and if you have any questions the friendly staff at Soundsaround Calgary offer help, either through email or simply by providing the right service specialist in your store.

When looking for the top quality audio and video accessories for your home, office, car, or personal mobility, you should not have to look any farther than SoundsAround. They have the top brands in entertainment electronics, and provide them for you.

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