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What's so great about the Calgary phone book

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Does the Calgary phone book make a businesses and consumer resosurce? One of the most useful things available in Calgary is something you probably don't think about much.

Whether you're checking the physical book that's sent to your home or workplace, or going online for easy remote information access, you will find a lot that the Calgary phone book can offer you.

Why use this book? Some people might claim the phone book is outdated now that internet searches are so common.

However, that's not true at all. Just imagine what you would do if your internet connection went out. Most of us don't even have ready access to the support numbers we need to get the problem fixed, unless we go to the phone book.

Calgary Phone Book

This phone book contains good information about businesses all over Calgary, and can tell you the telephone numbers and addresses of friends, relatives, and almost anyone else you'd like to look up. It's a great resource, and unlike your Internet connection, it doesn't fail unexpectedly.

Online Access To The Calgary Phone Book

The Calgary telephone directory's gone online. That means it's easier than ever to look up any phone number in Calgary, even if you don't have a real, physical phone book close to hand.

Check out calgaryplus.ca to search for any topic in the Calgary yellowpages, or head to mytelus.com/phonebook/display.do to find that person or business.

You can search the white pages as easily as the yellow pages, and get nearly instant results.

That's a great benefit if you're away from home, can't find the phone book, or don't want to page through it.

What can the Book do for your business? There's a lot of focus on marketing on the Internet these days, which makes it easy to forget about where most people really turn when they need goods and services - the good ol' phone book.

It's reliable. it can even be more accurate than online listings, which may not be updated for years, and it's easy to search through.

That's more than you can say for many listings of businesses on the web. People trust the Calgary yellowpages because it's been around for so long and has been so dependable.

Taking out a good ad will bring you lots of business, and provides a decent value if you do it right. Plus, the online features of the Calgary phonebook mean that you'll be able to be found in internet searches, too.

Using the Calgary yellowpages as a method of advertising could be one of the best things you've done for your business in a while.

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