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Metropolitan Grill Calgary

The Metropolitan Grill Calgary at two centralized locations, each offering a good place for party ideas.   The food and theme seems to focus on California and Mediterranean selections. 

Notable menu items include a gorgonzola wild mushroom veal scallopini (a mouthful without even tasting it) and their coconut shrimp martini.  If you've tried either of these items, please let us know what you think.

The usual BBQ fare gets done very well here as well. Triple A Angus beef, lobster, chicken, pasta, seafood and lamb for instance.

Without a doubt, people find the food, and the place in general, fabulous.

Service is friendly and generally quite good, especially for those who like a little eye-candy with din-din.   However, the service can be a bit slow when very busy, such as lunchtime.

Reservations required. So, go when you've had an opportunity to plan in advance. It'll be a good time for sure.

A little Metropolitan Grill Calgary entertainment

A Good Stiff Drink

If you like jazz or blues, check in with them to see what live performances are happening on certain occasions. Then they have dancing in the lounge on weekends and apparently it's been known as a great place for cougar hunting.

Then come back tomorrow for a Sunday brunch. Also, check out the champagne room.

Many have commented on the patios they have. The beltline restaurant sported an excellent one, a rooftop Patio with an acclaimed view of the 17th Avenue strip.  Wish it were still there.

The downtown patio down on Stephen Avenue invites visitors out for a great time as well.

This beautiful site has received some renovations recently and now seats 120. The fancy washrooms are even worth seeing.

People enjoy the atmosphere in the restaurant. It's quite trendy and upbeat, and that can often translate into expensive. The Metropolitan is no exception.

Find all the current and historic locations on this map:

Metropolitan Grill Calgary Locations

  1. Mount Royal Village: 880 - 16 Ave SW 802-2393
  2. Downtown Patio: #150 - 317 - 8 Ave SW 263-5432
  3. Jeff Hanna, The owner of the Metropolitan Grill Calgary, has other restaurants in town and has also opened the Tommy Burger Bar on Mcleod Trail near Southland Drive. It's at 9629 MacLeod Trail SW 258-0663

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