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Math Money Games

When you think of math money games, probably the first thing that comes to your mind is Monopoly. Or if you're more in to the business side of things, then you might recall the stock market instead.

Either way you look at it they're both along the lines of money games.

I'll admit it's a rather simplified view of life but it hits right at the heart of the matter.

So when you think 'math money games' and Calgary in the same sentence, what do you think about? These examples?

How about math forums and Home schooling? Admittedly, it's not something that you would normally associate with money games but if you take a closer look you'll see just how well Calgary has managed to tie in maths and money games in a manner interesting to children.

In an effort to make math more palatable to the young mind, educators in Calgary have initiated a number of projects and forums where children can play a lead role. Within these they can find out for themselves the important role that math plays in our day to day life, from buying a simple stick of gum to the ins and outs of paying bills and keeping food on the table.

Although it sounds incredibly dull when stated that way, this is in effect what they will learn albeit in a different, more relaxed manner where they will find it fun. And this is only the tip of the iceberg as it were.

With a wide map of child friendly internet sites and forums to choose from, parents as well as children can be happy with what they're getting into.

In forums, students can interact with other children who have the same difficulties as them without necessarily exposing themselves to the ridicule of their classmates.

Peer pressure can damage any child's self esteem, and if it was fragile to begin with not much will be needed to break it.

Your child will not only learn to appreciate math for what it is, and learn to enjoy it, but they will also learn to appreciate the intricacies involved in the boring world of grown ups.

Well, maybe not that far.

Although the games programs that Calgary has initiated might seem like a heaven sent gift to parents and teachers, it's still not a miracle worker!

Music also stimulates and challenges the developing mind very well.

Math money games outside of Calgary

CashFlow Game

One thing I might recommend for financial education and fun combined is CashFlow 101 and related games offered by Robert Kiyosaki and his corporation. All versions are quite expensive, but worth it.

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