A trio of Calgary Musicians

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These five Calgary musicians play the stuff you love, if you love old rock & roll. 80s music. Beach music. Party music. This makes a good start. They're older guys too, almost as old as the tunes they play. Not starving musicians, by any stretch.

Calgary Musicians

With this kind of maturity comes a fair deal of professionalism. You can expect a good time and to skip the rough-around-the-edges or stuff such as rap or excessive heavy metal music that should appeal more to a younger set.

Classic Rock Playlist

Check the titles and lyrics of some of the songs on the Back in the Day setlist and see if they suit you.

Remember, no band can play all the top classic rock songs, although these Calgary musicians would probably love to if time permitted.

So they have to limit it to the rock music and other dance music Calgary fans would appreciate.

Since they're a Canadian band, you will hear some vintage Canadian content as well, such as the Guess Who and Steppenwolf, BTO, Harlequin and even the Hockey Night in Canada music.

da da-da da-da da da-da da-da da da-da da-da daaa

You might hear a little Charlie Brown music and other tv themes just for kicks. Some have said this is the best classic rock band they've heard in quite a while.

You'll experience a bit of the material played on a good Calgary music station, plus a few surprises. For a sampling of what these Calgary musicians play, try this online classic rock radio station. They throw in a little dance music here and there for fun as well.

Popular Music

The Rolling Stones

I like to think of this great old classic rock as some of the world's greatest music.

This may not be entirely correct, but it does shed light on the lasting (so far) impact these bands and their recordings have had on subsequent music.

We have seen new groups evolve from old ones, and entire new genres come to rise from the synthesis and/or minimalization of previous styles. That said, when something is of real lasting quality and influence, we like to remember that classic rock star in his glory days.

John Lennon is a prime example. His great recordings, with and without the Beatles, will be preserved for what seems like forever in our oldies music stations.

Music, Lyrics and Calgary

What's there about lyrics? We know the internet has a lot of websites suited for finding lyrics.

What's there about music in Calgary? There's less about that, so if you need to tell us something here's your chance. Go ahead...make my day.

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By the way, the Calgary musicians mentioned above play some of that great old stuff as well. If you get a chance, look them up sometime and see where Back in the Day is playing. How? Go back from Calgary Musicians to the Calgary Girls party webpage.

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