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Good ol' Calgary Stampede Breakfasts

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Chinook Centre

The huge crowd at the Calgary Stampede breakfasts in the parking lot of the Chinook Centre. Thousands of people. Perfect weather.   We remember the good ol'days...How could it get any better?  

A Honkin' Tonkin' Rompin' Stompin' band to set the lively atmosphere. And the food - oh yeah! the food.

The price was right also. They still have those morning Calgary Stampede events, I think.

We remember the good ol'days. Checking the papers and the television news for the daily Calgary Stampede results. Who won the chuckwagon races? Did anybody get hurt?

Here is the best Breakfast database ever.


A lot of bands played yesterday; who was the best? Thousands went through the turnstile; can you believe those numbers?

And we might even find out who had the most popular Calgary Stampede breakfasts.

Calgary Stampede Breakfasts

We remember the good ol'days. Standing in those dusty summer lineups to get into the grounds or get our Calgary Stampede tickets, either for rides or for the nightly grandstand show. Or maybe waiting to get into the Calgary Stampede Casino at the Big Four.

Or queueing up to walk through the raffle showhome with great aspirations. Or anticipating getting our turn to enter one of the nightclubs near the grounds, better than any old Calgary Stampede pub crawl.

Or for our hot pancakes and sausages on a refreshing morning at one of the downtown Stampede breakfasts before sauntering into the office for another short workday.

Oh Boy! Syrup on my cowboy boots.

We still remember the great old Calgary Stampede Breakfasts.

Cramming along the Calgary Stampede Parade route on a cool Friday morning. Hope it don't rain. And we'll get used to the smell of horses.

Here comes the Calgary Stampede marching band. They really fill the air with sound, don't they. No wonder they compete so well with any American bands who care to take them on.

Also remember staying out 'til eleven just to see the nightly Calgary Stampede fireworks. Wanna pay for fireworks - go see Globalfest.

These ones are free to see. That just makes them more fun. Just like the breakfasts during the Calgary Stampede.

What's the best part of these good ol'days? They don't only exist in the past. This stuff all happened this year, last year, 25 years ago and more.

And they'll all take place next year too. If you've never done it, come check it out sometime and bring your Calgary Stampede map. First two weeks of every July.

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