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Fast Forward Calgary

To bad you missed out on Fast Forward Calgary. There was as time if you wanted to find out the latest gossip in town, this rag was freely available anywhere.  Until the end of publication in May 2015, you could have also typee in the website address ffwdweekly.com to land in the online newspaper for Calgary telling you what was going on in the area.

This weekly alternative Calgary newspaper provided a good insight into Calgary entertainment.  Whether you want to find out what's playing at the movies or are more interested in the stage or comedy, Fast Forward Calgary had everything covered.  Nowadays you might try the Metro news, free at many locations or metronews.ca/calgary.html instead.

Even sporting and literary events were covered, so it really did provide you with a quick and easy insight about what's happening in the city and surrounding area.

For music lovers, the newspaper contained a comprehensive list of the up and coming musician gigs over the upcoming months, giving you time to organize your schedule so you don't miss your favorite band.

It also conducted polls every once in a while to find the best Calgary music venues for different types of music.  For example, Broken City on 613 - 11th Ave, SW Calgary was voted one of the best music venues for live rock and alternative music. 

Alternative Rock - Arcade Fire

The best part of Fast Forward Calgary:  It was free

For those who had problems accessing the Fast Forward website, they could always pick up the paper copy at various locations around the city, typically shopping malls and hotel lobbies, just like the Metro today.  I find it impossible to track each one and fit them all onto a small map.

Another good bet is to check out the boxes around most of the LRT stations, but you need to be quick as the copies at these outlets are the ones that tend to disappear the fastest.

If you get there only to find the box empty, many of the restaurants, pubs and cinemas also have copies available.

Of course if it's the latest entertainment news you're after, you can always read another Calgary newspaper, such as the Calgary Herald or Calgary Sun, these two (and their websites) being  favorites of Calgarians.  But to really find out what's going on then many people found Fast Forward to be the best source of information. 

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